Our Goals


Act as the “Voice” of Higher Education/Nursing Leaders in New Jersey.

Establish a forum for addressing issues impacting Baccalaureate, Higher Education, and Executive Leadership Training for Nursing leaders in New Jersey.

Develop a speaker bureau for specific nursing education topics/issues.

Advocate for Nursing Higher Education/Preparation.

Clarify and articulate the organization’s advocacy focus.

Build strategic partnerships to advance nursing higher education in the state of NJ.

Engage alliances-formal plan (elevator speech, literature, policies within our focus).

Provide expert consultation for the NJ BON, the NJ Collaborating Center, ONL, Legislators, and constituent agencies, NSNA.

Priority III:
Collaborate/Participate on Research for Evidence-Based/Best Practices on Nursing

Identify key priority research and evidence-based practice areas for nursing

Identify innovation in education while upholding nursing higher education quality and standards.

Priority IV:
Faculty and Leadership Development.

Develop mentorship programs for new Deans and prospective Deans.

Support leadership and faculty by creating continuing education opportunities and experiences.

Assess learning needs of our stakeholders.

Create an overall faculty award recognition program.

Priority V:
Build, Operate, and Maintain a Sustainable Infrastructure.

Assess infrastructure needs.

Develop diverse revenue streams.

Establish organization identity through brand development/management,
messaging, and digital communications.

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